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Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is formulated for excellent all round performance. Gives you the confidence to demand engine performance in older cars, sports cars, modern engine and force induction engines which often operate under higher pressures requiring an oil with extreme high strength and extreme high temperature performance credentials.

It’s Engineered for exceptional wear protection, extreme cold start, high temperature idling and extreme driving condition.
Extends the life of your engine by keeping pistons clean and reduce sludge or deposits.

Suitable for use in 4 stroke automotive gasoline and diesel engines including Turbocharged, Supercharged, Direct Injection and Hybrids.

The high temperature viscosity stabilizers and anti-wear technology used in SRALE ULTIMATE TOURING series provide protection against engine wear and bearing damage at extreme high operating temperature while maximising engine performance.

BMW LONGLIFE -04, PORCHE A40VW 502 00 and VW 505 00,MB 229.51 and MB 229.31,EXCEED API SN/CF, ACEA C3-08, A3/B3-08, A3/B4-08

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